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Software and support for digitisation projects in libraries, museums and archives

intranda GmbH / Digitisation

The digitisation experts

When it comes to dealing with software that has to manage complex digitisation workflows, you may well need professional help. That’s where we come in.

We specialise in digitisation. This section contains an introduction to our portfolio, which covers every aspect of digitisation. One of our priorities is to develop and provide support for the open-source application Goobi, although in the context of digitisation we have been providing other dedicated software solutions for years in order to meet our users’ diverse requirements.

Leading partner in the world of Goobi

Looking for a professional team that can help you with Goobi, the open-source management software for complex digitisation workflows?

If so, then please get in touch. We would be delighted to show you just how much your organisation could benefit from using Goobi.

Our developers come from a range of professional backgrounds including IT, medicine and social sciences. This means that we can quickly learn your language, too, and make the link between what you need and what IT solutions can provide.

Our digitisation products

Goobi workflow

Workflow management for digitisation projects
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Goobi viewer

Flexible presentation software for your digitised material
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intranda TaskManager

Batch processing of CPU-intensive tasks
Read more

Universal Capturing Client

Scanning software combined with efficient and simultaneous indexing of metadata
Read more

intranda OCR Service

Multilingual text recognition for Antiqua and Fraktur
Read more

Universal data import

Import data from catalogues, repositories or other sources
Read more

intranda Ruleset Editor

User-friendly ruleset configuration for Goobi and UCC
Read more

intranda Content Server

High-performance, on-demand image generation
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Consulting & Support

Help and support at every stage of your project
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