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Training and workshops.

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intranda’s digitisation training programme

Goobi digitisation training at intranda
Already have some digitisation projects under your belt? Just starting out? Whether you are an experienced user or a beginner, we can help.

We have been running training courses at every level ever since 2008. Perhaps you are a Goobi end user, or maybe part a project team with responsibility for the configuration of metadata mappings or the complex tasks involved in administering underlying systems or even the web design for the Goobi viewer. Whatever your background, our training packages have every important aspect of digitisation covered.

New training centre

We are all ready for your visit. Having run so many courses to meet very different requirements, with groups of every size and a wide range of technical backgrounds and facilities, we know exactly what resources we need for our digitisation courses. Drawing on that experience, our new training room has been equipped to provide what we believe to be the most productive environment. As well as having your own desk, a comfortable chair and a large-screen computer, you will of course have plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice. Courses are divided into theoretical and practical sections, the latter in the form of interactive workshops in which you are encouraged to explore the system’s full potential. You won’t be able to break anything, and there is certainly nothing to be afraid of.

Naturally, we want to make our courses as realistic as possible. To this end, as well as the usual equipment (e.g. computers, overhead projectors and whiteboards), we provide scanning devices to give you all-round exposure to every possible step in a typical digitisation workflow. Please feel free to contribute your own source materials and your preferred methods. We will ensure that they are integrated into the session so that you derive the maximum benefit from your training.

Course contents

Goobi Basics

The ‘Goobi Basics’ course is aimed at end users and those participants with little or no practical experience of Goobi.

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Goobi Advanced

The ‘Goobi Advanced’ course is designed for users with a good knowledge of how Goobi works. It examines the program in greater depth from the user’s perspective.
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Goobi Administration

The ‘Goobi Administration’ course is aimed at system administrators and others with a more detailed technical knowledge of Goobi and its infrastructure.
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Goobi Refreshed

The ‘Goobi Refreshed’ course has been designed for end users who are already familiar with Goobi but feel they need to need to update their skills.
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Goobi Metadata

The ‘Goobi Metadata, Mappings and Rulesets’ course will mainly be of interest to qualified librarians and Goobi users whose main work involves extracting and compiling important information from digitised works.
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