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Dokumentationen für Software im Kontext von Digitalisierungsprojekten

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Documentation Goobi

Documentation for Goobi workflow

The Goobi Handbook covers every aspect of the workflow management application Goobi. In terms of content, it is aimed equally at users, project managers and administrators. As well as describing how the workflow components are operated, it provides a detailed explanation of the Goobi METS Editor.

Goobi workflow Manual German English
Goobi workflow Plugin Documentation German English
Current developments on Goobi workflow German English
Documentation intranda viewer

Documentation for the Goobi viewer

The technical documentation for the Goobi viewer provides a very detailed description of the individual configuration options that allow users to present their digitised material in the required form in their own digital libraries. As well as explaining how to configure Solr (the search machine technology used by the Goobi viewer) for the various metadata formats, it describes the possible settings for presenting metadata and other information linked to the source objects.

Goobi viewer Manual German English
Current developments on Goobi viewer German English

Documentation intranda TaskManager

Documentation for the intranda TaskManager

The technical documentation for the intranda TaskManager covers every single plugin. It explains how the plugins function and how they can be integrated into other software tools and workflow solutions such as Goobi. In addition, the documentation describes the individual parameters used for program calls for the TaskManager plugins.

intranda TaskManager Manual German English
Documentation UGH

Documentation for the UGH metadata library

The UGH metadata library is used in both Goobi and the intranda Universal Capturing Client. Its role is to control the processing of metadata and the serialisation of metadata as METS, MARC and LIDO files. The configuration of metadata processing is generally based on defined rulesets, and these are explained in the documentation.

UGH Documentation German English

Documentation for the Universal Capturing Client

The Universal Capturing Client is a highly flexible and user-friendly scanning application that links directly to Goobi. It can be used to capture and immediately publish structure data and metadata during the actual scanning process. The handbook explains how the application is operated and configured.

Download the German documentation for the Universal Capturing Client (last updated 29.10.2014)

Download the English documentation for the Universal Capturing Client (last updated 29.10.2014)

Documentation Ruleseteditor1

Documentation for the Goobi Ruleset Editor

This technical documentation describes how to use the web-based ruleset administration program for the UGH metadata library. The Ruleset Editor is used in Goobi and the Universal Capturing Client.

Download der deutschsprachigen Dokumentation des Regelsatz-Editors vom 22.04.2014

Documentation Sync 2 Goobi

Documentation for Sync2Goobi

The documentation for the application Sync2Goobi explains how to automatically export large volumes of data to Goobi using a locally running program and how in this context the corresponding tasks are marked as completed within Goobi. In particular, the documentation explains how to use the application.

Download the German documentation for Sync2Goobi (last updated 18.09.2014)

Download the English documentation for Sync2Goobi (last updated 18.09.2014)


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