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intranda GmbH / Psychology

Software development in the field of psychology

intranda has been developing software for psychological testing purposes since 2007 in collaboration with universities, publishers and consulting firms.

The main focus of psychological testing methods is on the correct recording of testee data. As well as ensuring that time-critical tasks are displayed accurately (in some cases in milliseconds), it is essential to measure the responses of individual testees to each item precisely. In our first software projects, this was achieved by structuring tests to include laptops and additional touchscreen devices, primarily in order to measure a child’s intuitive response as accurately as possible. Since 2011, the tests have increasingly been conducted using tablets. Not only does this greatly simplify test delivery in terms of structure; it also makes it possible to carry out parallel large-scale testing, e.g. in the classroom.

Muundo – a flexible testing and training framework for the web and mobile devices


Our Muundo testing framework breaks new ground in the way psychological tests and training assignments are conducted. We have developed a new, flexible and above all decentralised infrastructure which ensures that the testing process remains intuitive for testees while minimising the work involved in terms of preparation. The central Muundo data server can synchronise data with all your registered test devices. This makes testing very simple and allows you to compile all the resulting data centrally.

Muundo has every scenario covered – from web training to tablet-based tests.

An overview of some of our test and test evaluation programs


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Child/parent relationship questionnaire
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