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Web-based testing and training

Muundo – Web-based testing and training

With Muundo.Web your testees/trainees can complete their tests/assignments whenever and wherever required. Once you have created new users and allocated the relevant tests or training assignments, your testees/trainees will each be given a login that allows them to perform the test or assignment on a decentralised basis with no requirement for a specific time or location. In fact, the only prerequisite is an internet connection.


Easy access from any location

Once a testee has been entered as a user into the central Muundo data server, he/she will be given a user account with a login and password. Using a simple web browser, he/she can then log in to Muundo.Web and take the required test or training assignment.

Using the central data server, you can specify in advance which tests or training assignments should be made available to the user. This means that users will generally be dealing with a pre-configured procedure that avoids the possibility of operator error during the test. It also obviates the need for unnecessary familiarisation and explanation while ensuring that accessing the tests is straightforward with no technical obstacles that might intimidate the testee.

No limit to the number of tests and training assignments – freely extendable

The entire Muundo framework has been developed in close collaboration with the psychology faculty at the University of Oldenburg. The testing methods and training assignments were in productive classroom use right from the start and were at all times directly relevant to actual practice. In order to achieve this outcome, it is important to ensure that the applicable testing methods can be easily extended and widely adapted. Another challenge was to find an approach that makes it as easy as possible for psychologists to quickly design new methods.

With Muundo, we decided on a very easy method for extending the range of tests. Using simple images or Powerpoint slides and an associated data format (e.g. Excel), we can rapidly create new test methods based on existing ones. In order to modify or add to them, you merely have to enter the new data. This means that each member of your team can easily combine different items in order to carry out new assessments.

Options for varying instructions, tests, training assignments and feedback

Test and training assignments are seldom uniform in structure. If they were, testees/trainees would soon find them monotonous and would feel less motivated, especially in the case of lengthy or frequently recurring assignments. For this reason Muundo.Web features a number of mechanisms that vary the way in which items are presented or responses given. Muundo basically allows you to give free rein to your creativity. You can prescribe a different form of response for each item if you wish.

If you want to add a new testing method, a different form of presentation or new ways of answering, we can incorporate these very easily. Muundo already provides the required framework for doing so.

Further information

  • Platform and location-independent psychological testing and training
  • Simple to administer using a web browser
  • Tests/assignments can be conducted using any PC or tablet computer
  • Centralised management of testee/trainee accounts, test batteries and test results for any number of web platforms using the Muundo data server
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