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Mobile testing and training

Muundo – Mobile tests und trainings

Muundo.Mobile gives you complete independence by allowing you to conduct your tests and training sessions wherever you or your participants happen to be, with no infrastructure requirements.

No need for electricity, a computer or even an internet connection. And no preparation.



Preparation-free testing with no need for on-site resources

It used to be the case that you would need a whole range of on-site resources in order to conduct tests and training assignments. With the advent of touchscreen methods, you might even have needed to provide a touchscreen monitor in addition to the test computer. All this meant a good deal of extra preparatory work for the test manager.

Muundo.Mobile adopts a different approach. Our test procedures are designed and developed to work with tablet computers. With much longer intervals between recharging, and with touchscreens, battery operation and audio playback, tablets meet all the requirements for this purpose, even for large-scale testing in the classroom. Provided the right software is used, this method of whole-class testing is now perfectly easy to administer.

Simply hand out the tablets, be ready to answer any questions and finally collect them back in again.

Decentralised testing – centralised marking

Muundo.Mobile is not only ideal for one-off testing of individuals. The mobile infrastructure also means that once you have conducted a test with one group you can go straight on to test other groups without further preparation or resources. The system does not depend on a connection to the mains electricity supply or to the internet. This gives you the flexibility to conduct hours of tests without additional resources.

At a later stage, once an internet connection is available (e.g. back at the school or training centre), all the new scores recorded are automatically synchronised with the Muundo data server in a very simple process. That way, all your test results remain available for centralised analysis whenever you need them.



Muundo – a repeatedly extendable framework for the research community

To date, Muundo.Mobile has been equipped with around twenty different test and training methods. These are mostly aimed at pre-school and school-age children. They are designed to allow testees to get started straight away with just a few instructions but with no need for lengthy explanations.

If you would like to use other testing methods in addition to those already featured, we would be delighted to hear from you. The Muundo framework relies on your active involvement. By helping us to produce new test and training methods you will be contributing to the diversity of testing methodology as well as benefiting from the methods already developed with the cooperation of our other partners.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you into the Muundo research community.

Further information

  • Flexible development of complex audiovisual tests
  • Direct testee interaction via touchscreen
  • Simple testing environment using Android-based tablets
  • Offline operation with option for later results upload
  • Handwriting recognition (on Samsung Galaxy Note devices)
  • From Android 4.1 (Jellybean)
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