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Goobi Release Notes.

Open Source Workflow Software.

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Goobi Release Notes

This section contains detailed information on the changes made to Goobi over the course of its development. You can examine the new functions added and the problems resolved in each published version of the workflow software.

Goobi 3.0

Goobi 2.2

Goobi 2.1

Goobi 2.0

Goobi 1.9.2

Goobi 1.9.1

Goobi 1.9

Goobi 1.8

Goobi 1.7

Goobi 1.6.5

Goobi 1.5.1

Goobi 1.5

Goobi 1.4.9

Goobi 1.4.8


Latest Release Notes

System requirements

Operating system: Linux
CPU: 4 cores
Hard disk: 40 GB for operating system plus required data storage

Get the software

Source code: GitHub Repository
Documentation: Goobi workflow Manual
Installation: On request
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