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F-JAS: Fleishman job analysis system.

Fleishman job analysis system for evaluating character-based requirements

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Fleishman job analysis system for evaluating character-based requirements

The F-JAS is a modified form of the Fleishman job analysis survey that has been specially adapted for German speakers.

It contains five sections with a total of 73 scales: cognition (21 scales), psychomotor skills (10 scales), physical characteristics (9 scales), sensory skills/perception (12 scales), social/interpersonal skills and competences (21 scales). The F-JAS can be used both to describe individual activities and to compare entire areas of activity. As it captures data on multiple skills and competences, it can be used in scenarios ranging from relatively simple tasks (e.g. in a commercial environment) through to highly complex ones (e.g. pilot). It is simple to administer and can therefore be used for a tremendous variety of information providers, e.g. managers, employees, headteachers and HR staff. The F-JAS can be used to establish a skills profile for a job as a whole and for specific elements of that job or individual tasks. This makes it possible to draw up a detailed and precise job description even for highly complex and multi-faceted jobs.

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