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History: Goobi viewer 1.2.

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New templating options

The modular structure of the Goobi viewer 1.2 gave users a range of layout options for their website material. As well as a series of new components for functions and displaying information, the Goobi viewer 1.2 provided additional options for integrating corporate design features and made a number of improvements in browser compatibility with mobile devices.


Reflecting the Goobi viewer’s international user base, the new version came with additional language support. From this point onwards, all the software would be supplied as standard in German, English and Spanish.


Enhanced performance

A series of changes were made in order to speed up the availability of digitised material, and these led to a general improvement in the application’s performance. The changes included a new caching mechanism for image generation.

Optimised presentation of full-text search hits

In view of the increasing popularity of OCR-based full-text searching, we made improvements to the presentation of results within the hit list. The new version also gave users the ability to configure highlighting options for full-text hits identified in their digitised material.

Improved RSS feed

The RSS feed was extended in order to display additional information about the source works.


Adjustments to the OAI interface

The OAL interface was updated in order to support greater compatibility.

Goobi viewer

Release Notes

System requirements

Operating system: Linux
CPU: 4 cores
Hard disk: 40 GB for the operating system plus data storage

Get the software

Source code: GitHub Repository
Documentation: Goobi viewer Manual
Installation: On request
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