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History: Goobi viewer 1.3.

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Apache Solr adopted as new search index

  • Apache Lucene replaced by Apache Solr for improved scalability and faceting

Browsing / Faceting

  • Drill down and paginator in browser function
  • New drill down functionality for searching by collection



  • Searching within collections and corresponding designation for global search
  • Paginator throughout (thumbs, search hits, full text, browsing)
  • Improved switching between opened search hits
  • Search hits displayed with paginator (cf. Google)
  • Option to restrict search to metadata or full text

Thumbnail view

  • Page numbers and page labels in thumbnail view


Image view

  • Continuous zoom in image view
  • URN granular associated as links and not just rendered into the image
  • New full-image deep zoom image display


Index of contents

  • Index of contents integrated into sidebar to highlight current position in the source work
  • Full display of longer texts in the index of contents
  • Small thumbnail displayed for individual volumes in contents index of multi-volume source works



  • Permanent volume count also displayed for longer titles
  • Link to periodical from periodical volume
  • Variable linking system, e.g. with option to link author names to Wikipedia or locations to Google Maps using any number of search index fields


User account via OpenID

The functionality of user accounts was enhanced for even simpler access. With an OpenID account, users could now log into the Goobi viewer without first having to set up a corresponding account.


User-friendly URLs

  • Consistent persistent URLs in the entire Goobi viewer
  • Bookmarkable URLs in the address bar
  • PURLs displayed in image view
  • Option to record statistics using Piwik (
  • Short, clear URLs throughout the viewer

Goobi viewer

Release Notes

System requirements

Operating system: Linux
CPU: 4 cores
Hard disk: 40 GB for the operating system plus data storage

Get the software

Source code: GitHub Repository
Documentation: Goobi viewer Manual
Installation: On request
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