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Release Notes: Goobi 1.6.5.

Open Source Workflow Software.

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  • Removed unused user group “Extended user rights”
  • Localisation of many info and error messages (e.g. for writing success of user data into LDAP)
  • Correction of version number in big logo on start page and in several HTML pages
  • Correction of default language handling
  • Creation of special CSS file for better print results of application web pages


  • Free typed properties with definable defaults for workflow steps (Boolean, String, Integer, Single-Select, Multi-Select, Date etc.)
  • Possibility to define required property fields for tasks, which have to be filled correctly before finising a workflow task
  • Multiple properties can be grouped together and duplicated
  • Creation of a central wiki field for collecting general comments for one volume by all persons, that are involved in the workflow of this volume


  • Automatic removal of blanks in process title if title was generated by Goobi
  • Correction of Opac requests for authors; they were retrieved in PICA catalogs only from field 028A/a geholt; in some catalogues they are in field 028A/8
  • Correction of author-title-key generation
  • Correction of value “null; null;” if person data were missing; replaced with empty strings now
  • Added message for required fields in mask for creation of new processes
  • Generation of PDF files now configurable with direct download instead of download to home directory
  • Process title is used now for PDF name in download
  • Individual user filters for processes and workflow steps
  • Extension of dialog for creation of new processes with additional page after saving
  • Generation of dockets after creation of new processes
  • Generation of dockets for already existing processes
  • Extension of dockets for generation of barcodes in different formats
  • Adaptability of the dockets with configuration in XSLT file
  • Integration of Lucene as alternative search option in Goobi
  • Statistics include subfolders in orig-folder too
  • Possibility to let Goobi automatically create orig-folders (instead of tif-folder)
  • Integration of XML based production log
  • Integration of GoobiScript for Export to presentation layer

Lucene search

By integration of Lucene as search index you can search from now on for any value. Here some samples for search queries:

  • lucene proj:myproject AND scanning:[20100101 TO 20101231]
  • lucene proj:myproject AND dms_import:[20100101 TO 20101231]
  • lucene MaArchiv:DZ00000105
  • lucene scanhardware:scanrobot (just name:value)
  • lucene propertyValue:CD 176 (get all volumes with property of specific value)
  • lucene property:scanhardware (get all volumes with a given property for scanhardware)
  • lucene pages:16 (get all volumes with 16 pages)
  • lucene pages:[16 TO 100] (get all volumes which have between 16 and 100 pages)
  • lucene ruleset:myRuleset
  • lucene maintitle:universit* (get all volumes which metadata “maintitle” starts with “universit”)
  • lucene _urn:XXXX (search for URN)


  • Extended mask for registration of project data for time frames and intendet number of volumes and pages
  • Separation of data into different tabulators
  • Calculation of the number of working days for project time frame
  • Integraion of calculation for pages per time (weeks, month etc.)
  • Integration of all volume statistics in mask for editing project details in separate tabulator
  • Generation of statistic for status of all workflow step types in comparison to project duration
  • Generation of statistic for project progress for individuall or multiple workflow steps, that are used in the selected project; dynamic reference curve can be shown for comparison

Metadata editor

  • Correction of errors while switching the image folder in metadata editor
  • Added possibilities for recto / verso pagination of handwritten material
  • Extended list of images in Ajax suggest box for assigning pages to structure elementes (instead of restriction to 200 pages in previous version)

Data transfer for exports

  • Up to five scripts can be assigned to each workfow step now
  • Scripts in workflow steps that run on server side can now be configured to be triggered manually
  • Scripts in workflow steps can now get speakable titels for manual script starts

Fixed problems

  • Optimisation of error messages while doing the pagination
  • Optimisation of error messages, if database connection problems occur
  • Unification of metadata field order in metadata editor
  • Deactivation of internal storage format XStream; instead of this only METS should be used from now on
  • Reduction of memory consume by changing variable scope
  • Optimisation of error messages while reading pagination from files if no images can be found
  • Optimised order of workflow steps in controlling statistic for status of volumes in table view
  • Optimisation in handling problems of database sessions
  • Correction of data presentation of signatures in user interface while creating new processes
  • Corrections of errors, which occured while creating new processes for multi volumes
  • Optimisation of error messages for missing write permissions in file system in metadata editor
  • Correction of multiple reopened workflow steps in combination with correction messages


Latest Release Notes

System requirements

Operating system: Linux
CPU: 4 cores
Hard disk: 40 GB for operating system plus required data storage

Get the software

Source code: GitHub Repository
Documentation: Goobi workflow Manual
Installation: On request
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