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Release Notes: Goobi 1.7.

Open Source Workflow Software.

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  • Added management of several directories for different OCR results (e.g. for txt, pdf, word coordinates, etc.)
  • Widened the range of languages to include not only German and English, but also Spanish
  • Complete revision of the English strings by a native English graduate translator
  • Widened the workflow steps in order to make available the generation and assignation of URN granular (persistent identifier for each volume and each page)
  • Integration of the storage option of results from statistics queries as Excel file

Metadata editor

  • New intranda ContentServer for quicker und smaller images in the generation
  • More meaningful initial size for really big images
  • Extended configuration of the pagination for fictitious paginations (in square brackets)
  • Quicker creation of structure elements with simultaneous assignation of pages

Extension of the programming library for metadata (UGH)

  • Enabling of the storage of MIX
  • Enabling of the storage of PREMIS
  • Enabling of the reading of externally generated METS/MODS (without Goobi namespace)
  • Extension for standard data base identifiers (e.g. for persons and public institutions)
  • Extension in order to read and storage URN granular (persistent identifier for each volume and each page)

Transfer of data for exports

  • Further development of the internal use of variables
  • Any type of data can now also be transferred to external programmes and scripts (e.g. properties)
  • Delivery of all the folders to the export folder (e.g. in order to export the OCR full texts)


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System requirements

Operating system: Linux
CPU: 4 cores
Hard disk: 40 GB for operating system plus required data storage

Get the software

Source code: GitHub Repository
Documentation: Goobi workflow Manual
Installation: On request
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