March 18-21. 2019 – 7th Library Congress in Leipzig – intranda at booth F03 + F05

“Changing libraries” is the motto of this year’s largest specialist library congress in Europe. Only a few days left and the 7th Library Congress starts in the Congress Center Leipzig.

We will be there again this year and look forward to informing you about our work and its results.

As always, there will be lots of news and a lot to discover:

For example, do you already know the option in Goobi workflow of displaying any metadata in the process table? Did you know that we now also support S3 as a memory backend? And have you ever had anything to do with the Themeing functionality of Goobi workflow, be it to improve the display in the Accessibillity context or to finally color your favorite work environment in pink with unicorn and rainbow?

In the Goobi viewer we show among other things the current work around the admin backend, the new functions in the CMS area and the upcoming crowdsourcing innovations.

Learn more about the news from various digitization projects and visit us at our booth F03 + F05. We look forward to seeing you.