2018 already over again

Even just was spring. And already Christmas and a turn of the year are just around the corner. The year 2018 flew by so fast that we couldn’t keep in touch with every single one as intensively as we would like. In addition to our day-to-day business of software development, which revolves around Goobi, a great deal else happened last year:

We have grown

Not only has the team grown in the number of employees. Our office space has also grown enormously. So much so that two offices are barely empty. But from January we are again looking for further reinforcement in the form of a Linux administrator.

And if someone knows a good Linux administrator: By the way, we have two rooms free straight. 🙂

Once more projects

No year without new projects and new customers. Several digital collections were published this year or started in secret. Far too many to summarize them here. Instead, we will soon document them publicly at a central location. Until then we would like to say: Thank you very much for the cooperation with us and your trust in our work.

New Challenges

The many projects are always accompanied by new challenges. We deal quite intensively with the topic of dealing with 3D objects, their processing, their development and also their optimal display. In addition, we have once again powerfully expanded our previous involvement in context IIIF and support a large number of further technical interfaces for Goobi workflow and Goobi viewer. And in the context of our developments in psychological test procedures, we are also making good progress, so that the Muundo software suite will also be significantly expanded once again.


An essential aspect of our daily work is the close contact between us as developers and the actual users. The annual Goobi Days have proven their worth for a long time and are getting bigger, more extensive and more intensive from year to year. The parallel implementation of several workshops this year has once again clearly demonstrated this.

However, we did not expect this intensive exchange between users and with us within the new community platform https://community.goobi.io to continue. Since September an enormously active community forum has been created in no time at all, where more than 250 contributions have already been written. We could hardly wish for better feedback on our daily work.

Open Source and Documentation

With our software solutions Goobi workflow and Goobi viewer, we already have two solid and widely used open source applications in our portfolio in the context of digitization projects. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that there are still about 180 plug-ins behind them, which are in daily use by many users. Therefore we will now publish these plugins as complete as possible on our new website https://goobi.io. This includes not only listing the many plugins and providing descriptions of the functionalities, but also publishing the source codes of all these plugins as open source on Github.

We are now also increasingly devoting ourselves to the topic of documentation. The existing documentation for Goobi workflow, Goobi viewer and TaskManager is already visible in our new documentation portal at https://docs.intranda.com. They will be successively updated and extended. And many more documentations will be added in the next weeks.

go on

Retrospective on the extremely short year 2018, the intranda team is more than satisfied. The close exchange with our customers in 16 countries shows us that we have a good feeling for the needs of the users and that we can also develop solid and user-friendly solutions for complex applications. Our planning for the coming year 2019 is therefore quite simple: we will continue in the same way.

And now?

Now the entire intranda team wishes you a peaceful Christmas and a good start into the New Year. We are very much looking forward to the New Year 2019 and above all to further cooperation with you all.