Scanning service provider wanted

For several years now, the German-speaking Goobi community has been meeting once a year to exchange ideas on various topics related to digitisation projects. These user meetings take place in hybrid form and thus allow personal participation in Göttingen as well as connection via video conference.

As part of the Goobi Days 2023, a joint workshop is to take place on 26 September 2023 between approx. 15:00 and 16:30, at which various German-speaking cultural institutions and interested scanning service providers will exchange views on the possibilities for future cooperation (as potential clients and contractors). The workshop will focus on the following topics in particular:

  • Which services can be used?
    • Scanning
    • Photography
    • Slide digitisation
    • Videotape digitisation
    • etc.
  • What delivery formats are expected?
    • File formats
    • Master / derivatives / etc.
    • Manipulations (optimisation / preparation)
    • Creation of full texts/transcriptions in various formats
  • What quality requirements can be expected?
    • Resolution / colour depth / compression
    • Colour wedges
    • Calibrations / targets
  • Metadata
    • Technical metadata within images/files
    • Additional metadata per object
    • Additional metadata per image
    • Structural data / Hierarchical metadata
    • Formats for metadata
  • Delivery
    • Forms of collaboration
    • Data transfer
    • Folder structures
    • File naming
  • Acceptance
    • Importing the delivery
    • Quality check
    • Checking the quantity
    • Checking of analogue objects
    • Correction loops

We would like to invite all interested cultural institutions and scanning service providers to participate in this exchange and to contribute to its content. The aim of this exchange and possible further meetings is to develop various standardised delivery profiles that will simplify future cooperation between clients and contractors for all parties involved. A standardisation of this cooperation has the potential to considerably simplify the future preparation of and participation in tenders as well as the direct commissioning of scanning service providers.

Do you feel addressed and would you like to be part of it, on the one hand to contribute your experience and your requirements and on the other hand to establish contact for future cooperation? Then please register here for participation in the workshop:

Final agenda for the German Goobi Days 2023

We look forward to your participation, your expertise and a possible resulting collaboration.