Goobi User Meeting 2019 – Agenda and Follow-up Meeting

Next week it’s time again: The big Goobi User Meeting will take place again, on 25.09. and 26.09. in Göttingen. With more than 70 participants, it will be the biggest user meeting we’ve had so far, so we’ll all be moving a bit closer together. But it has the agenda in itself:

Two days of full program about almost every area that you get to deal with in digitization projects. In addition to the various new developments presented by intranda, there will also be many lectures by speakers from various institutions and countries. The focus will be on user experience as well as conceptual planning. And of course there will also be workshops to participate in and an active user exchange between the community.

New this year is that for the first time we have held a Call for Papers and can also motivate some speakers for Lightning Talks. Also new is the fact that several users have already agreed on a follow-up meeting directly after the conference: On 27.09. a crowdsourcing planning meeting will take place. If you would like to participate, you can simply register here in the community forum:

Crowdsourcing planning

Invitation to the meeting: Further development of crowdsourcing in the Goobi viewer on 27.09.2019


We are looking forward to next week. Have a good journey!