New portal for Goobi:

Several months have already passed since the Goobi user meeting in September 2019 without any news being published here. Of course, this should not be interpreted as a bad sign. Quite the opposite in fact. We simply have so much to do, are involved in so many projects and at the same time take part in several events a month, that the news here has been somewhat neglected. We would like to focus on that again and inform you about the news here more often:

Our new portal for Goobi workflow and Goobi viewer has been in regular operation for several months now. The address now provides the central information platform for all questions and issues relating to Goobi. It has now become the point of contact for accessing the community forum, documentation, getting started with Goobi-to-go, descriptions of use cases and much more. The best thing is to look it up yourself here:

The portal to Goobi workflow and the Goobi viewer, community and documentation