Nothing going on at intranda?

As you will have noticed, there has been no news here for some time. However, this is not a bad sign about intranda itself, nor about our team. We are doing well and we hope you are too. Fortunately, the intranda team has remained healthy and has weathered the pandemic quite well so far in their respective home offices. Despite all the fears, our order situation has remained very positive over the last few months and has resulted in many different new projects, which we will also be reporting on at the upcoming Goobi Day.

After about 1.5 years of working exclusively from home, the first employees are slowly returning to the office. And our telephone is already working again in the mornings. So, bit by bit, more and more normality is returning to our everyday life, even if working from an office building doesn’t feel so everyday any more. If we can now manage to post regular news on our website again, then hopefully everything will soon be back to normal. There are even rumours that intranda will very possibly possibly possibly possibly be back with a stand at the upcoming Library Day 2022 🙂 .

But if you don’t want to wait that long to find out what’s new about us and our developments, there’s a good opportunity to do so next Tuesday, 9 November. That’s when the digital Goobi Day 2021 will take place. The agenda and registration form will follow here tomorrow.