10 November 2014: Goobi presented on the international stage

Looking ahead at future trends in digitisation, an event will be held in London on Monday 10 November under the title

Current Trends and Future Directions for Digital Imaging in Libraries and Archives
Digital Preservation Coalition


The event, organised by the Digital Preservation Coalition, is open to all those with an interest in digitisation and has attracted institutions from numerous countries including the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany and Ireland. Unfortunately, with a maximum of 110 places, the event is now fully booked, and many of those who wished to attend are unable to do so. An overview of the event and the list of agenda items can be found at:


An international line-up includes speakers from the Bodleian Library in Oxford, the Louvre in Paris, the Université Catholique de Louvain, the Wellcome Library in London, the British Library, the Königliche Bibliothek in Den Haag and King’s College London. The event will address a wide range of issues linked to the production and supply of digitised material with a particular emphasis on the data format JPEG 2000, methods of presentation and long-term archiving.

We are delighted that intranda has also been invited to speak at the event. Our task will be to highlight the role of Goobi in such projects. As well as a general overview of Goobi, we will focus primarily on the interaction between digitisation project workflows and third-party systems through the use of interfaces and plugins. We will talk about the integration of tools such as OpenJPEG, IIPImage Server, jpylyzer, Lurawave and Preservica and explain how we handle the additional data that can be generated from images. Alongside workflow management, we will address the downstream processing of digitised material, how to generate the data format ALTO using OCR methods and how in turn we use Named Entity Recognition and authority data enrichment in order to create a bridge to Linked Open Data.

Following the event, we will upload our presentation to Slideshare . Watch this space for details.