Goobi 2.0 – Now available

Goobi 2.0 was announced and presented back in September 2013 at the Goobi users’ meeting in Kassel. Following an exhaustive trial phase based on full-scale productive operation on several systems, the new version is now ready for launch. intranda GmbH has completed all the development work and is proud to announce the definitve release of Goobi 2.0 intranda edition.

Highlights of version 2.0 include a new development for norm data, an extension of metadata functionality, interfaces for additional types of plugin and new search options.

Briefly, version 2.0 comes with 33 new features; over 850 new commits; 1,800 modified files; more than 110,000 line changes based on the merged Community Edition 1.10; and just two significant bug fixes. Open-source quality that speaks for itself.

For details of all these changes, see our digitisation portal Digiverso under the heading History. Please fee free to contact us as usual if you have any further questions.

Why not take advantage of the cutting-edge developments pioneered by intranda. The source code is available free of charge from our repository to all users and anyone else with an interest in our Goobi open-source software:;a=summary