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intranda Ruleset Editor.

Regelsätze für Goobi und den UCC - einfach und valide

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Regelsatzbearbeitung für Goobi & Co.

What is the intranda Ruleset Editor

Rulesets are the central management files for Goobi and the Universal Capturing Client. In general, they are used to define whether and how certain structure data and metadata (or combinations of the two) are to be used in the digitisation process. These essential files can now be easily configured through the intranda ruleset editor’s user interface.

Configuration of metadata

Metadata in particular are widely edited, enriched, imported and exported as part of the digitisation process. The intranda ruleset editor allows you to create rulesets with definitions for a range of import and export mappings. This applies to the following formats:

• Excel
• Agora RDF

You can give each ruleset a meaningful name so that you have a better overview of your workflow. Rulesets can also be sorted alphabetically, searched and filtered. This method supersedes the previous system whereby rulesets were manually edited at command line level using a text editor. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can open a series of clear windows in the ruleset editor. These can be used to directly enter metadata (and their values) and to configure them for import and export.

Configuration of structure data

As well as metadata, you can edit structure types very simply and specify the permitted frequency of the metadata they are allowed to contain. Complex elements can be placed together using a simple drag and drop method.

The intranda ruleset editor facilitates comprehensive and valid ruleset management. Incomplete or invalid rulesets are effectively blocked and a corresponding message issued within the user interface. This saves potentially time-consuming error detection at a later stage.

The intranda ruleset editor can be operated as a web or desktop application. There is no difference between the two versions in terms of user operation.

intranda Regelsatz Editor

System requirements

Operating system: Linux, Windows, Mac OSX
CPU: 1 core
Hard disk: 100 MB for the application

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