Documentation, monthly development reviews and screencasts online

Documentation and help can never be enough. In many open source projects this is unfortunately still not enough. With our documentation platform, the monthly digests and the screencasts we approach the topic in this way:

More documentation online

For those who have not yet noticed, we would like to draw your attention once again to intranda’s extended documentation platform:

intranda Documentation platform

The central platform for all publicly accessible documentation from intranda on Goobi, TaskManager and many other software developments


There you will not only find the revised manuals in the current valid version. It is also a collection point for listing and documenting our numerous plug-ins for Goobi and the Goobi Digests.

Monthly reports on our current developments

For some time now, we have been publishing a monthly report on our developments for Goobi workflow and the Goobi viewer. These so-called digests can also be found within the documentation platform. We attach great importance to ensuring that the content explains the technical innovations and at the same time illustrates the extent to which these developments have an impact on the user. For this reason, we also work a lot with screenshots.

New Screencasts

In the past, we have often found that users benefit greatly from the provision of screencasts. Therefore we have been producing sporadic new How-To-Videos for some time now. These show some typical use cases or new developments for Goobi. And if time permits, we will continue to try to publish new videos of this kind on a regular basis. The collection of how-to videos currently available for public viewing can be found here:

Goobi How-To-Videos

The playlist of all previously published screencasts and how-to videos about Goobi workflow and the Goobi viewer