Workflow control for digitisation projects: Goobi version 2.2 released

After about a year of intensive work, intranda today released version 2.2 of Goobi’s latest developments. The enormous positive response we received after the release of the completely revised alternative user interface last year showed us that our development plans as well as the optical modernization are exactly what the many Goobi users want.

With the new version 2.2, we have once again worked intensively on the general functional scope of Goobi and on the plugin infrastructure, which is now very well established. Some of the most important new features include the following areas:

  • Full RDA compatibility with native MARC support
  • Deep zoom and tile view within the previous image display in the metadata editor
  • JPEG2000 support incl. tiling within the picture display
  • New thumbnail view for a clear display of many pages in the METS editor
  • Automatic regular saving while working in the metadata editor
  • Bookmark functionality in the metadata editor for more efficient structuring
  • New validation options for metadata fields (e.g. forcing numeric characters to be used for years, specifying a two-digit language, etc.)
  • New plugin interfaces for administrative operations and a dynamically extensible REST-API
  • Easy way to duplicate production templates and projects
  • Expansion of metadata index for new overindexes to search across multiple fields
  • Extension of the individual user configuration, so that settings for the METS editor can be made permanently
The detailed release notes for Goobi 2.2 can be found at the following address:

As usual, Goobi 2.2 developments are licensed under the open source GPL license. The source code of our developments can be found at the following address:

In addition to Goobi’s regular extensive range of functions, there are a number of plug-ins that can be extended to add individual functionalities. The Goobi Marketplace already contains an extensive list of many such plug-ins, which will also be expanded at regular intervals to include further plug-ins:

Do you run a Goobi yourself and would like us to help you with the update? Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to help you.

And if you are already an intranda customer, please be patient. We will contact you in the coming days and ask you for a suitable update date.