Goobi training courses for users and administrators in May 2018

The new training dates for the first half of 2018 have been fixed. On three consecutive days at the end of March, we will be offering the “Goobi Basics”, “Goobi Advanced” and “Goobi Administration” training courses, which provide an in-depth overview for beginners and advanced users of Goobi. More information about the individual training courses can be found here:

Goobi FaviconGoobi Basics

User with less practical experience – 02.05.2018

Goobi FaviconGoobi Advanced

Users with a good understanding of how Goobi works – 03.05.2018

Goobi FaviconGoobi Administration

System administrators and users with a deeper technical interest in Goobi – 04.05.2018

Due to the registrations already made, all three dates will take place. Registration deadline is 27.04.2018. We are looking forward to further participants.

Register here for a training!